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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  November 2, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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a serious the police are called to a north bay home during a huge party full of drunk teenagers. good evening.
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christian hartnet is in nevato where a parent is in trouble. >> reporter: the parent knew that underage drinking was going on at the house. it all happened when the police say calls came in from a nearby neighborhood. drunk kids were seen stumbling around, one holding a bottle of liquor out in the open and another girl found in another spot stumbling badly. could hardly speak to them. both of those kids were arrested. along with the homeowner alex coller who was hosting 50 students at the house at the time. the police say parents in this community should know better. >> they should be aware, they should also educate themselves on social host ordinance, not hard to find.
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not only has it been in print, been on the radio, on the news, available on the internet. children can problemly tell them about it. >> reporter: now, marin county was the first to adopt a social host ordinance. it hits close to home here in navato. it started when two teens here were killed in 2005 when their truck they were in slammed into a tree after they left a party where there was alcohol. now, the police say parents need to be talking to their kids about this subject. parents can still be cited for this even if underage drinking is going on at their house and they don't know about it. >> fines start at $750 and doubles for a second offense. hazardous material team is washing down an insecticide. the fire department says people moving into a house broke an
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old bottle with chemicals. nobody was seriously injured. you may remember it was used in spraying to stop the fruit fly in the bay area in the 1970s. en rounds of gunfire in oakland. one person was killed. two shootings happened in a span of five hours. the first just after 8:00 last night. the police found one person dead, shot several times a block from the b.a.r.t station. the second shooting happened just before 1:00 this morning in east oakland. two women and a man were driving in their car when they were hit by gunfire. their car is riddled with bullet holes, kept driving until they flagged down a highway patrol. they are expected to be okay. no suspects arrested in either shooting. >> b.a.r.t is trying to find out what caused the trains to catch fire this morn something the car was having work done and crews replaced a section
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under the train when for some reason it caught fire. the hayward fire department made quick work of the flames, kept them from gettinged in of the car. nobody was hurt, the only damage was to the outside of the train. >> the injured copilot who survived the destruction of spaceship 2 is a letter and talking tonight. until they recover more, investigators are not a lowed to talk to him. he parachuted to the ground at the desert on friday following the break up. he suffered moderate injuries. the copilot died. following the disaster, the future of the space tourism program remains unclear. >> we are going to learn from what went wrong. discover how we can can improve safety and performance. and then move forward together. >> the company sold 700 flights
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for future flights. tonight, the lava flow heading for a big town on the island of hawaii has stalled. fingers of lava are using from the mainstream. >> we sent betty lu there to assess the situation. >> reporter: we are over the big island right now. we are going to take you very low to the ground to see this lava flow. it spans 13 miles. we are taking you to the thick of it. you can see the lava. you can feel the heat right off of it. it just bulldozed right through all of this vegetation, this dead forest. now over the last 72 hours it has moved sometimes rapidly and sometimes slowly and sometimes not at all. the flow is headed towards the town, where 1,000 people live. what we are lookinga at, the black crust, the lava as it cools. what it is doing is insulating a bathtub of blistering lava
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underneath. there is a subway of lava. you see right there. the lava hitting the country road. right over it. and if you take a look it practical smothered a cemetery. you can see the headstones. that cemetery now barely recognizable. as we make our way towards town, we are about 480 feet away from civilization. this town, about 50 homes are in its direct path right now. residents have been told to pack up to be on stand by. now, eventually the lava flow will cut through this town and make its way towards the ocean that is only six miles away. residents in the town have time to pack up. but it does not make it easier. locals told me a snail can outrun this lava but we know it is much, much more powerful. right now, the fate of this
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town is still undecided. >> over the island, back to you. and still ahead, the south bay congressional seat is up for grabs. how each candidate say he can trump the other. >> pleasant surprise for a southern california family who thought their dog was dead in a mudslide. well, it suddenly shows up.
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race that's being watched as the nation is coming to its boiling point. both candidas hit the campaign trail again this weekend. kpix 5's anne makovec on their last minute push silicone valley race has been watched across the nation and it is reaching the boiling point. both candidates hit the trail again this weekend. kpix5 and the last minute push. >> voters have a clear choice. >> reporter: in this democrat vs democrat face off the outcome is anything but clear. >> only generating more energy and enthusiasm with our volunteers and young people. >> he is a real democrat, i want you to know. >> reporter: the 7 term incumbent spent time at a rally with barbara lee. supported by many unions and has a strong liberal base. >> corporate interests, that is who is funding the cam pain. >> reporter: and his campaign is behind negative ads aimed at
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his opponent. he used to work in barack obama cabinet. he is a newcomer supported by many independence. >> people want change, someone who is going to be engaged in their district. >> reporter: he held more than two unhadmeet and greets during this campaign and trying to promote his opponent as a has been. >> voters are smart. they will see it through the misrepresentations and i know people want it changed. khanna takes it in stride. >> people have to get out and vote. >> reporter: congressman khan n ahead a lead but at the end of had this approximately it was a dead heat. >> they are battling to represent the first asian american majority house district outside of hawaii. well, the race for
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governor, meanwhile, not much of a race at all. republican is trying to take out jerry brown. the governor is not worried about losing rather than campaign for office he has been focusing on 2 ballot measures to tackle the drought. if you believe the poles, he is going to win a second term. a recent l.a. times pole had brown ahead 66%. still, coming up w sre your back to work forecast heading into the first week of november -- coming up, we have your back to work forecast heading into the first week of november, coming up after the break ,,,,,,,,
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a mudslide in southern california... has been reun tonight with a dog thought to have been killed in a mudslide in southern california has been reue nighted tonight with her owners. neighbors spotted the datsun today. she was standing outside of a window of their home. mud came sliding down the hill swamping the house. >> the sliding doors broke, all of the furniture started moving, breaking, the door went open. i was literally swept out by the mud. >> her husband had to be rescued after being buried up to to his waist in mud. fema is helping families and businesses recover from the quake two months ago. not everyone is getting what they want. >> reporter: inside of this napa health center, she is looking for answers from the feds. the earthquake has had her
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going months without a sound sheep. >> when i go to bed at night i am on a slant. >> reporter: she needs her floor leveled again. there are are many more here. all with personal concerns. >> we have seen a lot of broken chimneys, a lot of damaged foundations. >> reporter: in the first three days up and running nearly 300 households have come to this room for help. loans, grants, federal money to get their lives running smoothly again. people have not always liked what fema had to say. >> so many strange questions. it makes you doubt. >> had a nice visit even though it was not fruitful. [ laughter ] >> reporter: folks here have been waiting month fist are this federal money. soon after the quake, president barack obama approved -- months. for this federal money. soon after the quake president barack obama approved money for businesses and now it is for citizens. >> with are glad to be able to
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help individuals and government. >> reporter: but just as fast as help swooped in it will be gone. by the new year they are packing the place up and moving out. anyone not registered will be out of luck. >> it is a 60 day deadline from this past monday when the individual assistance was granted. >> reporter: she is staying upbeat. if she will get the money to fix her broken house will not tear down her strong spirit. if i don't get it, we will just do the best that we can. >> reporter: back to you. >> fema has a help center in vallejo. all right, on the topic of weather. we had a beautiful day today. plenty of sunshine. and it looks as if it is just going to get warmer this week. the blood pressure that gave us two thirds of an inch in the bay area is out to the east and it is slowly seeing high pressure off shore. it will be warmer than it was today and tomorrow. then, midweek we will be near 80 degrees inland as long as
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the high pressure is over the west coast we will stay dry. it looks like it will be that way through the weekend. as we look towards the bay bridge right now the numbers, chilly overnight. now 54 degrees in the bay. 8:00 tonight. in the low 50s inland, middle 50s, for the coast. and the future cast is going to give you an idea what things should look like material. high clouds off shore. be sides from that, rolling it through at 6:00. there is not much in terms of cloudiness, so, we will look for a lot of sunshine tomorrow. the temperatures warm up a little bit. sunny and warmer on monday. it will be near 80 degrees inland by wednesday. then, we just keep it dry all of the way through next weekend. there is no rain in sight. we will have 70 in sacramento. 70 at redding and in eureka, 60
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degrees, 68 for monterey. overnight lows tonight, it will be chilly, 45 degrees for santa rosa. 47 for napa and 48 degrees in fairfield. tomorrow, we are a little cooler than average. not by much. sanfrancisco, 67, just about par for the course. concord, san jose, 3 degrees above average. oakland, 63 degrees, the trend, warmer than usual. the south bay, close to 78 degrees, mountain view, sunnyvale, cooler at union city and hayward, over on the east bay, 70 degrees, 71 for danville, 70 in san ramoan and livermore. now, even at the shoreline. 64. the beach, 65 degrees, santa rosa, 70. far north bay, with we will be looking for numbers to be cooler than that, 68 degrees. 66 at lake port. in the extended forecast, high clouds tomorrow. not a big deal. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we increase the temperatures to
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near 80 degrees by midweek. and might cool it off towards the latter half of the week but nothing coming in for rainfall all of the way for the weekend. sunny side up for the weather as far as the eye can see, ann, dennis. >> thanks, hey, the raiders hoping not to end 0-8? >> yes. and the 49ers are closer to last place than they are to first. when was the last time you could say that? kaepernick running for his life today but dispaoeut getting pummeled he had a chance to win it for the 49ers, kick off is -- despite getting pummeled he had a chance to win it for the 49ers, kick off is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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had already beaten in st. dennis in to talk about the 49ers finding a way to lose today. >> yes. it is clear. we are 8 games n. halfway through, nothing coming easy for the san francisco 49ers, the next 2 games on the road. it will get tougher. 49ers were coming in off of a bye-week. they were facing a rams team they had had beaten in st. louis, bruce bochy, basking in the glow before packing it in for the winter. tied at 3 in the 2nd. off of a davis turnover, kaepernick does his adlib routine. 27 yards, 49ers led. they entered dead last in the league. now, quinn, gets the sack. causes the fumble. simms, falls on the ball and the rams are in business. six alone for the rams, equaling the season total. and then davis got the rams on
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board. that was kenny over the middle. 49 yards and the game tied at 10. same score in the 4th quarter. now, the worst punt of his career. 23 yards, the rams got the ball in the san francisco twine. that led to a field goal and st. louis led 13-10. here it is. your ball game. touchdown for the 49ers, kaepernick on a sneaker to end the football game. hold on. he fumbled it and the rams recovered and they reviewed the play and upheld it. the 49ers lose at home, 13-10. kaepernick was sacked 8 times. >> the ball came out. -- [reporter asking question ] >> i know i crossed the line. >> [indiscernible] i took advantage of it. >> not frustrating at all. i try to be optimistic about everything, i am excited about the next game. >> the next game is at new
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orleans. seattle has not played like a super bowl champion. they traded harvin and lynch is unhappy with his contract and they lost a lot this year and they still have their 12th man. carr, tipped, intercepted, and he is going 35 yards out of the way. leading 14-3 at the end of the 1st quarter. now, first possession in the second half. and then blocking the punt. after a scramble, recovers it for the raiders. 24-10. oakland got the ball back and goes for it on 4th and goal. carr off bounds. touchdown, raiders, it is 24- 17. now, 2 minutes left, carr rolls out. now, again, it is 30-24.
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so, the raiders with two minutes left they need the onsidekick. dropped by seattle. but then, jermaine kertz falls on the football and that is it. seattle hangs on 30-24, oakland drops to 0-8. >> you know, it is started to turn. and, we can see what it is like in their locker room. >> tony romo out with a hurt back today. palmer kicked off by tyler. he takes it 58 yards to the touchdown. the cowboys skwrufplg out 10-0 lead. that is only the 2nd interception of the season for palmer. but, arizona would regroup and rip off 28 straight points. palmer hits a wide open ellington for the third
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touchdown pass of the game. the cardinals beat the cowboys, 28-17. they improve to an nfl 7-1. here is why it looks so bad for san francisco right now. they are 1 game out of last place and the rams look to be improving and getting better. the 49ers are in trouble in the nfc west. now, snow in new england before the game and tom braidy and manning, meeting for the 17th time, patriots jump out to a 27- 7 lead and did not give manning a chance to think about a comeback. he gets it. welker, knocks the ball loose. now, browner, swoops in for the pick. one of two interceptions today for manning, he had 3 all season, by the way. much better day for brady. the quick strike, going for the 4th touchdown pass, so more for brady, finished. he thrown 16 touchdowns in the last four games, new england beats denver,43-21. >> this is when teams jockey
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for position, then n november, the cream starting to rise. it is tough to figure out right now. before that game i would of said denver for sure but now maybe new england. >> how about our lockal teams, two different stories. >> i think there was a feel good atmosphere in the locker room. they gave it a game against the defending champions. their expectations are way up here and right now they are down here. >> yes. >> "gameday" tonight at 11:00:30. >> thanks for watching, see you at 11:00 ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> ward: there are hundreds of citizens from the united kingdom fighting with isis in syria and iraq, maybe, in part, due to this man, anjem choudary. do you believe there will be more attacks in the west? >> yes, i believe it's inevitable. >> ward: if you believe that, would you ever use your role as a british citizen, and as a muslim, to actively dissuade people from launching attacks here in the uk, in the u.s., in the west? >> you know, i'm not in the game of condemnation or condoning. >> ward: it's really just a yes- or-no question. >> well, i don't want to answer you with a yes or no answer. >> that's what i served my country for. >> pelley: he is one of the navy


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